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Noyafa NF-15T 5 Lines green laser level


Noyafa NF-15T 5 Lines green laser level Gks Güvenlik tarafından satışa sunulmaktadır. Ürün hakkında Detaylı bilgi almak için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Noyafa NF-15T 5 Lines green laser level


1. 5 Lines Laser Level: 5 Lines 6 Points (4 Vertical, 1 Horizontal, 1 Down Point, 5 Enhanced Points)
2. Automatic self leveling: Audio warning when beyond auto leveling range.
3. 360 degree rotatable base with fine tuning knob, quickly identify the target.
4 Wide applications: for auxiliary tiles fixing, wall decoration, floor tiles fixing, stair handrails and more.
5. The button is waterproof, wear-resisting and feel exquisite, easy to operate.
6. The thickened metal base provides stable support and it is shockproof, shatter-proof.
7. Easy to carry with the plastic case and carrying strap, providing quick and convenient mobility and storage.

Lines 5 green lines (4V1H1D)
Material Aluminum Alloy Chassis + Engineering Plastics
Laser Diode 532nm green light
Self-leveling ± 3°
Emission Angle: ≥120°
Horizontal / Vertical Accuracy ±1mm at 5m
Line Width 2mm at 5m
Working Environment indoor/outdoor
Power Supply AC 110-240V
Oblique Line Function yes
Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃
Operating Time Approx. 8 Hours
Wall Sticking Distance 7 mm
Working Distance 25 m
Protection Grade IP54
Gross Weight 1.5 kg