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Noyafa NF-488 PoE Checker


Noyafa NF-488 PoE Checker Gks Güvenlik tarafından satışa sunulmaktadır. Ürün hakkında Detaylı bilgi almak için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Noyafa NF-488 PoE Checker

Is_customized : Yes
Place of Origin : Shenzhen.China
Main Function : Detecting PoE voltage, current, power, PSE standards Power supply modes, Verify RJ45 cables
Power : DC1.5V x 3 (not included)
Warranty : 1 year

Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af\at standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity and mode.
Identify the supply voltage, power supply polarity and mode of non-standard PoE devices
Test the current, voltage and power consumed by DC appliances.
Check the short circuit, crossover and open circuit status in the network cable.
The loop-back test function of the switch.

Indictor LCD 128×64 mm, with back light
Continulity function Cable types CAT5,CAT6
Check UTP/STP cable YES
Cable short indicate YES
Max testing range 600M
Wire mapping Emitter +Remote
Emitter + switch/routor
PoE function Test range DC5-60V POE switch
Standard identify 802.3af/at ( standard/non-standard)
Test range power 0-18W
Output interface YES
Power function Voltage test range DC0-60V
Current test range 0-3A
power test range 0-180W
Input voltage protection DC48V 5mA
Max working current ≤80mA
Loopback Compatible with 10M ,100M,1000M switch
Power supply 3*AAA
Ports RJ45
Function Wire mapping for network cable
Input voltage protection DC48V 5mA